// 2017 Schedule Update!

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Saturday, June 24, 2017
2017 Schedule Update!

Due to unforeseen circumstances we will be altering the venues of the next two races, August and October. Our sport allows a unique challenge to be on the fly adaptive to the current situation, this holds true not only for racers but also for promoters. We are working diligently to bring you some of the best desert racing opportunities Texas offers and are constantly developing new relationships with land owners across the state. We will be releasing details for the upcoming events as soon as they are available. We appreciate all the support from you the racers, spectators, volunteers, partners, and communities.

Stay tuned for more information about the rest of this season and for announcements about the big changes coming for 2018!




// Butterfield Stage 300 Hotel and Accommodation Information

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Tuesday, June 06, 2017

This race will start at the Tiger Truck Stop at Exit 87 on Interstate 10.

It can be found on the map by searching "Texas 87 Traveling Tiger Center" The closest hotel to here will be in Ft. Hancock, however the lap section of the course will only be a few miles from Sierra Blanca. Following is information for hotels in both towns.

There is also always room available in Van Horn which will be about 50 miles from the starting line.

RV's and Camping are also allowed at Tiger however it is primitive meaning there are no hookups for electricity, water, or sewer.

There is a great restaurant located inside the Tiger Truck Stop that serves a variety of meals. We hope you'll check it out to say thanks for their support of our sport!

We look forward to seeing everyone out this weekend to #makesomedust!


Ft Hancock:

Fort Hancock Motel

1425 Knox Ave

(915) 769-3981


Sierra Blanca:

Americana Inn

209 E Octavia St

(915) 369-2111

Sierra Blanca Historic Lodge

325 W. El Paso St

(915) 369-3442




// Directions to Pit Areas

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Interstate 10 Exits:

FROM the West: Exit 107 - Left on FM 1111 (Archie Ave.)

FROM the East: Exit 108 OR 107 - Right on FM 1111 (Archie Ave.)

NOTE: Exit 108 will pass UNDER a bridge, I believe the clearance is just under 14'

Main Pit Area:

North Bank:

Head NORTH on FM 1111 (Archie Ave)

Turn RIGHT onto Brown St.

Turn RIGHT onto Cammack Ave.

Follow Cammack Ave around a LEFT Turn

Turn at next RIGHT (looks like an Alley)

South Bank:

Head NORTH on FM 1111 (Archie Ave)

Cross RR Tracks

Turn RIGHT into dirt parking area before the Church.

Vehicles should be set up to face North/South with the pit area towards the canal. There will be a lane at the edge of the bank closest to the canal left open for race traffic.


TIGER TRUCK STOP (Remote Pit 2/B):

Enter Interstate 10 in Sierra Blanca and head WEST.

Exit 87 (FM 34)

Cross OVER I-10

Tiger Truck Stop is on the RIGHT

Remote Pit will be to the WEST of the truck stop.

Returning to Sierra Blanca From Tiger Truck Stop.

Enter I-10 and head EAST

Exit Laska Rd.

Use Frontage Road on NORTH side of I-10 to bypass Border Patrol Check Point and follow all the way back to Sierra Blanca.




// NEW True Sportman Handlebar Classes

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Monday, March 20, 2017

We have decided to test the waters with a true sportsman class for our motorcycle and ATV competitors who are interested in getting their feet wet but not ready to jump head first into desert racing.

Details for the class are as follows:

$100 entry fee ($40 Annual Membership Not Included)

Pre-Run Included

Limited Number of Laps (Around Half)

No Purse (or Discounted Entry on Next Race), No Points, No Contingency Awarded for Podium Finishers

We look forward to having this class attract more riders who have never participated in a desert style event but aren't afraid to get out there and #makesomedust!


// Luhtala Vaquero 200 - Hotel and Town Information

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here is a Satellite/Map image of Sierra Blanca with some of the points of interest highlighted. Below the photo are addresses for some of those points including hotel information for both Sierra Blanca and Van Horn and the address for the Ag Barn which will hold Tech and Contingency. Note locations of the only two fuel stations, pit area, and start line.


Sierra Blanca Info:

Two Fuel Stations:
Chevron and Exxon




Delfina’s (Mexican) - 561 E. El Paso St.

Subway (Inside the Exxon) - 316 El Paso St

Scratch Made Café (Americana) - 217 E. El Paso St

(Burritos) - W. Everman

(Little Bit of Everything) - W. Arizona

There will also be a few food vendors in town just for the race.




Americana Inn

209 E Octavia St

(915) 369-2111



Sierra Blanca Historic Lodge

325 W. El Paso St

(915) 369-3442


Ag Barn: (Tech and Contingency) 

Corner of N Williams and W Cavender


Van Horn is located approximately 30 miles EAST on I-10. This town has plenty of accommodations. (Here is a list of a few to get you started)


Whitten Inn

1705 W. Broadway, Van Horn

(432) 283-2410


Econo Lodge

1601 W. Broadway St, Van Horn

(432) 283-2211


Super 8

1807 E. Service Rd. Van Horn

(432) 283-2282


Red Roof Inn

200 Golf Course Dr, Van Horn

(432) 283-2800


Days Inn

600 East Broadway, Van Horn

(432) 283-1007





// Tres Amigos Pit Arrangement

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Racers: When arriving at the race please see the following map to show the arrangement for the pit area for parking.

Please pull in towards the west and have your pit area and back of your trailers towards the east.


// Directions to Tres Amigos 175 Course

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Here are directions and a map showing the route to the race course from I-10.


From I-10 Travel 0.6 Miles North on N Archie Ave to FM 1111(E Walling St)

Turn Right (East) on FM 1111 (E Walling St)

Travel 1.25 Miles East to Dirt Road on Right in Curve

Turn Right Off FM 1111 onto Dirt Road

Travel 0.7 Miles East to Pit/Spectator Area.

Total Mileage from I-10 - Approximately 2.5 Miles


Note: Stop at entrance to pits to pay pit/spectator entry ($10/vehicle (racers 2 vehicles free)).






// Tres Amigos 175 Schedule of Events

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Tres Amigos race will feature a drag race start (two racers starting at the same time) and three races separating the Handle Bar, Stock UTV, and Car/Truck/Pro UTV Classes.

Stock UTV class will start in the dark.

Handle Bar classes will race in full day light.

Car/Truck/Pro UTV classes will finish in the dark.

Note the Pre-Run times. There will be no exceptions to these times in order to allow everyone an opportunity to prerun freely and in the daylight.

Laps are estimated over 25 miles. This should allow for all pitting to be in the main pit area.

2017 Tres Amigos 175 Schedule of Events

Friday – Feb 24, 2017

8:00 am – 10:00 pm - Registration and Tech Inspection at Race Location

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Each Team gets to Pre Run two laps unassisted:

  • Bikes, Quads and Stock UTVs ~ 2 to 4 pm
  • Pro UTVs, Cars and Trucks ~ 4 to 6 pm

Saturday – Feb 25, 2017

Race 1

5:30 am – Stock UTV Driver’s Meeting at Start/Finish area

5:45 am - Stage Stock UTV’s

6:00 am - Start Stock UTV’s every 60 seconds (7 laps)


Must finish by 11:00 am or DNF

Race 2

11:00 am – MC/Quads Driver’s Meeting at Start/Finish area

11:15 am – Stage MC/Quads

11:30 am - Start MC/Quads every 60 seconds (4 laps only)


Must finish by 2:45 or DNF

Race 3


2:45 pm – Car/Truck/Terra 4 Driver’s Meeting at Start/Finish area

3:00 pm - Begin staging Unlimited, Water Cooled Buggies, Pro UTVs, Desert Trucks, and Air Cooled Buggies.

3:15 pm - Start Unlimited, Water Cooled Buggies, Pro UTVs, Desert Trucks, Air Cooled Buggies every 60 seconds (8 laps)

Must finish by 8:15 pm or DNF.

 Awards Ceremony


9:00 pm – 10:00 pm - Awards Ceremony


We look forward to seeing everyone at our first race of the season!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.





// Tres Amigos 175 - Race and Hotel Information

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Monday, January 23, 2017
Tres Amigos 175 - Race and Hotel Information

The Venue for the upcoming Tres Amigos 175 has been changed to Sierra Blanca, Tx. The race course will be located north east of town off of FM 1111. The dates have stayed the same, the race will be held February 24th - 26th and will be approximately a 22 mile loop.


Hotel information for Sierra Blanca is as follows:


Americana Inn Motel

209 E Octavia St

Sierra Blanca, TX 79851

(915) 369-2111

Note: Making arrangements over the phone can be difficult.

As always primitive camping and RV camping is always available.

Van Horn is about 30 miles away, east on the interstate and has many more hotels.

Restaurants in Sierra Blanca:



Scratch Made Cafe

Compas (May have a different name)

There is also a small grocery store on El Paso street.

We look forward to having you out with us!



// Buffalo Soldier 200 & O'Rreilly's Auto Parts

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Thursday, September 29, 2016
Buffalo Soldier 200 & O'Rreilly's Auto Parts

Buffalo Soldier Racers:


O'Reilly Auto Parts will be awarding all podium finishers a $50 gift card for 1st place and a $25 gift card for 2nd and 3rd place finishers. These prizes will be awarded to all classes including Motorcycle and Quad classes. If inclined, please patronize and or contact our sponsors to let them know how much we appreciate their support of our sport of choice! #makesomedust