// October 2017 Race is CANCELLED

  • Bryant Blakemore
  • Saturday, September 23, 2017

It is with our deepest heartfelt regret that we must announce our final race of the season (October 13-15) will be canceled this year. We were unable to develop a new race course in the allotted time before the requirement set by our insurance for a change of venue had expired. We exhausted every potential possibility to hold this race including scouting and negotiating with three separate land owners, two of which are in brand new un touched country.

Now to address some rumors and grumblings that are occurring in the background. TORRA does not discuss most of what happens behind the curtain of our organization out of professionalism. We will address a few particular topics here. Our association works extremely diligently to host safe, legal, and legitimate events to better the sport of off road racing. Doing this creates interesting challenges at nearly every turn. We have requirements to the insurance agency and to different governing bodies across the state, some of which have not manifested themselves until recently. Starting this series from absolute scratch means that we will have growing pains and have to be dynamic in our expansion and development. Complications in certain areas have even made their way to the state capitol in Austin. While this means that it may be a difficult path to traverse (aren’t they all in off road racing?) it also means that our sport is growing. We prefer to look at this partial set back as a positive whole.
Despite these major setbacks we have continued to seek out new and exciting courses to continue expanding our sport across the state. We will continue to find new race locations, new race formats, and bring innovation, growth, and attention to desert racing in Texas. TORRA prides it self in being easy to approach and contact. That said, feel free to bring any questions, comments, or concerns directly to us.

Thank you to all our supporters and current competitors. To all the new competitors out there, come out and try your hand at desert racing or come see what Texas has to offer!
We have been multitasking these last few months and have been working on something very different for 2018. We will be hosting a single major event the weekend of July 5-8 2018 for ALL classes that will give every competitor an equal opportunity for a guaranteed major CASH payout.

We look forward to seeing everyone back with us and many new competitors in 2018 as we continue to push the envelope of desert racing in Texas.